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Ben and Kate

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THE NEWS BUNDLE: Jim Rash and Nat Faxon Teaming Up with Fox Searchlight For Third Straight Film with Dysfunctional Family Drama


Though his FOX comedy series Ben & Kate was recently cancelled, that’s not stopping the rising career of Nat Faxon. The creative mind these days is more famous behind the camera thanks to his Oscar-winning script for The Descendants alongside co-writer Jim Rash (Community). Most recently, the duo found themselves back in a familiar home as Fox Searchlight picked up their directorial debut The Way Way Backstarring Steve Carrell, Sam Rockwell and Toni Collette.

Now, it turns out the partners have quietly been working on their next project as well and they’ll be continuing their working relationship yet going in a completely different direction compared to their previous efforts.

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Friendly reminder to those Ben and Kate fans who are just finding out it was cancelled that there’s a petition you can sign to try and save it. You don’t just have to sit there and be sad about it.

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"Apartment 23 by Nahnatchka Khan and Ben and Kate by Dana Fox. Both shows weren’t doing well in the ratings but both got enough critical love to garner notice, which unfortunately is not always enough to save a show. With the series finale of 30 Rock next week, we are, at least for the time being, losing Tina Fey, who, we can argue made the networks perk up and take more notice of women created comedy (although NBC doesn’t have a great track record with their female showrunners)."


Women-Created, Sitcom Voice Silenced: Apartment 23 and Ben and Kate Pulled From Line Up : Women and Hollywood

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Love reading and writing about the women of Ben and Kate? Check out the annual women-celebrating exchange rarewomen.livejournal.com! Nominations start on February 1st, and it would be great to see a Fox in our neck of the woods.

Need more information? Click here!

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Tales of a Misfit: Ok bros, I was just on Twitter and I noticed that Dana Fox tweeted...


Ok bros, I was just on Twitter and I noticed that Dana Fox tweeted that it’s possible for Ben & Kate to get picked up by a different channel. This seems like a great idea since I fully believe it’s not a show that belongs on Fox. They don’t know how to handle good shows, like this one, properly.

So here’s what she’s suggesting. Tweet TBS to pick them up. Yeah it’s a long shot but it’s happened in the past (Cougar Town, anybody?) So tweet the hell out of TBS, sign the petition, bug everyone you know to sign the petition, tweet the petition to the stars and the writers and the creator. Ask for help from people of other fandoms who have been in our situation and understand what we’re fighting for. Saving this show IS a possibility, and now that the creator knows that we care, it’s important to not give up.

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I expect guys to let me down… all the time, and you don’t do that.

I love Ben and Kate. Too bad they got cancelled. What is wrong with you, American TV?!?

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I want to kiss a hot bearded man in a room full of bread too wtf

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B-Squad (Ben and Kate) (by FOX)

Ben And Kate appreciation posts: Tommy (Echo Kellum) as ‘Paolo.’ Enjoy.

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PopWrapped!: Fox Cancels Ben And Kate: What's Next? An Opinion.



Susan Booth
Staff Writer

The Fox network has taken it upon themselves to take yet ANOTHER show off the air. After pulling “Ben & Kate” off it’s schedule, the network has chosen to cancel it all together. They’ve been saying that the remaining episodes (all 15 that have been filmed) will air “eventually”, most likely meaning that we won’t see it until it hits Netflix and we all know how long THAT can take. The ABC network also appears to be on the same track, pulling “Don’t Trust The B—— In Apartment 23” from it’s schedule as well, also saying that the remaining episodes will also air “eventually”. Even thought no official announcement has been made about Kristen Ritter’s freshman comedy, it’s quite possibly only a matter of days before it’s canceled. If you ask me, this is a complete crock. Am I the only one that sees a pattern here?

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B-Squad (Ben and Kate) (by FOX)

Continuing on with my Ben and Kate appreciation posts, I will miss BJ (Lucy Punch) scenes like this.

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